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It requires applicants to have obtained competence in at least one of the following three skill sets: 1 capturing audio and editing it, 2 video recording, production and editing; or 3 web skills which could be production, design and coding, or web journalism and blogging. Feel free to include any other information that would help us understand what you bring to the mix and what you hope to get from your graduate training. Journalism requires applicants to write a personal essay. In addition, all applicants must submit at least three samples of their work, whether published or not.

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The goal of the essay is to give the Admissions Committee a concrete sense of who you are as someone who aspires to a career as a professional journalist, writing and reporting for print, online or broadcast media. It should address the following questions: What do you expect to get from the program? What aspects of your experience are most relevant to your interest in journalism? Applicants should also describe their existing "body of work" as a journalist, critic or just someone who writes. We are mostly interested in published work, but if you have yet to break into print, then tell us what kind of writing you have done.

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What have been your major themes? What issues and phenomena most engage you? Which journalists do you admire, which do you dislike, and which have influenced you? In addition, for the non-Journalism field of study Africana Studies, East Asian Studies, French Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Near Eastern Studies, or Russian and Slavic Studies , please briefly describe your past and present work as it relates to your intended field of study, and your reasons for choosing your field of study.

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Please explain, in a brief and concise manner, how your past studies and work experience relate to a course of study at the graduate level in international relations at NYU. You should include how your educational objectives will help you to achieve your future career goals, and should briefly outline where you see yourself 10 years after graduating from NYU. Please also explain why you chose to apply to study in the IR Program at NYU and how NYU specifically will help you to advance your personal and professional objectives.

European and Mediterranean Studies does not not require an additional statement. Only the Journalism personal essay is required. In addition, applicants must submit at least two samples of their work, whether published or not. As part of your personal essay, please include a discussion that provides the Admissions Committee with a sense of who you are as someone who aspires to a career in journalism, writing and reporting about important matters in the news and analysis of religious issues.

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Two different writing samples are required. One should be an example of your strongest academic writing, preferably a paper written for an undergraduate course that demonstrates your ability to construct a coherent argument. It should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages. The second should represent your aptitude for journalism. A clip from your college newspaper, a personal essay, and an academic research paper are all acceptable. Skip to Main. Programs Master's Programs Ph.

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Tell us about your involvement if any in student media, your interest in journalism and storytelling and how you hope this workshop will help you. Home High School Journalism Program. High School Journalism Program. Apply now. No prior journalism experience required — just an interest in the world around you. Accepted participants in the High School Journalism Program will: Work with globally-renowned Poynter faculty and local prize-winning journalists Wrestle with journalism ethics Discover secrets to good storytelling Write a personal narrative perfect practice for your college application essay!

Create interactive online elements that could become part of your personal or school media website. Instructors Guest instructors for will be announced closer to the program dates. Schedule Below is a tentative schedule for the program. Program hours are a.

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