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Educational technology is part of the greater process of instructional design. . In my thesis, decades ago, and in a number of articles I used "educational reform.

Moreover, the civil war had devastating consequences on broader societal and mental health challenges: many children lost their parents and others suffer from trauma-related stress leading to high-dropout rates and a prevalence of child labour. Natural disasters and annual monsoons further disrupt the education system.

Schools were damaged and children were unable to go to school. In June , after conversations with Government departments, international agencies and local charities, Street Child established a presence in Sri Lanka. We are running a series of pilot projects to support education, child protection and disaster-risk resilience, which we will then scale to support as many children as possible.

In February , in partnership with local education authorities, Street Child of Sri Lanka began a six-month teacher training programme aimed at improving curriculum knowledge and teaching techniques for 90 primary and secondary school English teachers through interactive training sessions and in-classroom coaching. Then a grumpy voice came from him. He suggested a globe.

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I asked him whether I could take a look at things in the shop. There were magic mats, hats, brooms etc. Then I saw the magic wand toy. I asked the price. My brother was excited. My parents My father is a doctor. His name is Samitha Wijerathne.

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My mother is a lawyer. Her name is Indunil Pemachandra. My mother is very kind. My father is fair. They have two cars. They are a Yaris and Wagon — R. My mother wears beautiful saris. They help in my studies.

They have me and my sister. I love my parents. My parents also love me and my sister. My sister I have a sister. Her name is Runithi. She is very small. I play with her. She loves me. Dulmitha Navarathne 5 years Excel Montessori, Mulgampola. My pet My pet is a dog. It is white colour and black colour.

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  5. It barks at enemies. It likes to play with me. It is ten years old.

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    It likes to eat meat, fish, bread and eggs. It likes to drink water and milk. It is also waiting for me. It likes to sleep on the mat. It likes to play with the cat and with a ball. It fights with dog when dogs come to the house. When we go somewhere we put him to the kennel.

    It never misses his breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can run fast. It loves me. I love my pet dog Buddy. My favourite toy My toy is a robot. It is in Transformer movies. It is called Optimus Prime.

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    It is an electrical item. It has two rechargeable batteries. My mother gave my robot for my 6th birthday. It can do many things, walking, running and firing.

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    I play with my robot when I come back from school and after my homework. But I like to play with it every time. I play with it very carefully. I always check its batteries and its parts. After playing with it I keep it in the right place. I like my Optimus Prime. Because I like every kind of robots and my ambition is to make robots in the future. My father Mr. Sethuratnam is my father. He is the captain of my family.

    He is an Assistant Director at the Education Department.

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    He is fond of reading and writing. His life is a lesson to me. My father is honest and hardworking. My father is very smart. I love my father. Then I was four years old. I was very nervous because I had to say the opening prayer.

    My teacher Miss. Jean helped me to do it well. There were only a few boys in the Nursery. We did a devil dance taken from a famous stage drama. Everybody enjoyed it.