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Educational technology is part of the greater process of instructional design. . In my thesis, decades ago, and in a number of articles I used "educational reform.

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If administrators and board directorswould look to these ratings for test scores, there would be much more interest in theadvancement and musical education of students. In addition to the academic benefits of music and music education, involvement withmusic prepares students and young adults to be productive members of a working society. Thesame team building skills developed with music that help in a school environment will make anyand every student involved with music more useful as an employee.

Musiciansacquirecraftsmanship skills as they learn how details are painstakingly put together and what amounts togood, instead of mediocre, work. Music performance also inspires students to conquer fear and take risks. Stageperformance increases confidence and aptitude for public speaking, a skill imperative in almostany job that requires teamwork. Additionally, it forms musicians into goal-oriented people. The 4. Ferrell 4pressure and prospective reward of having a fantastic performance drives musicians to practiceand work hard, and dedicates them to getting a job well done for the sake of their personalsatisfaction and growth as well as the rest of an ensemble.

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Furthermore, being part of anensemble teaches the importance of punctuality as music groups often schedule and reschedulerehearsals, making time management an extremely important skill. Music education also hasbenefits on an emotional scale. Music provides children with a means of self-expression. In an unforgiving and oftenvicious world, every student needs an outlet to vent the frustrations of life. Moreover, music provides common ground betweenanyone and everyone. Because of the emotional and social rewards of music, a greater stressshould be put upon making music more appealing to all students.

Music education opens doorsthat help children pass from school into the world around them a world of work, culture,intellectual activity, and human involvement. Music therapy is one of the most widely used and most applicable forms of treatment. Itcan be effective for everything from improving the well being of geriatric patients in nursinghomes to lowering the stress level and pain of women in labor. Social, physical, emotional, andintellectual challenges are all treatable and can be overcome with the aid of music therapy. Musicis not only for the sick and needy, though- healthy people can use music to relax, reduce stress,exercise, or improve their mood.

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Music therapy is virtually the only treatment with zero 5. Ferrell 5potentially harmful or toxic side effects. Through music therapy, patients are aided with goalssuch as improvement in communication, motor skills, and behavioral issues. What makes musictherapy so effective is its multi-functionality.

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On a physical level, brain function changes inresponse to music. Breathing patterns, heart rate, and blood pressure are all responsive to musicand auditory stimulus Turner Muscle tension can also be relieved through music, abenefit often employed in physical rehabilitation centers. Music naturally increases endorphinlevels, which calms the listener and reduces stress- partially explaining the ability of music toimprove the immune system. Music also affects people on a mental level, significantlyincreasing mental acuity. The nonverbal nature of music makes it a very valuable therapeutic tool,because it can both inspire emotions and express them.

An especially effective case is with theterminally ill. Pain, anxiety, and depression are major concerns with these patients, and musiccan alleviate some of the pain through release of endorphins and promotion of relaxation Swain Music calms patients to the point where they are able to talk about fears associate withdeath and dying and thus helps them to overcome them.

The wide range of effectiveness formusic therapy is a perfect example of why music should be more prominent among public schoolsystems because although the general population of students is not terminally ill, every studentsuffers from some ailment from time to time and music can substantially alleviate suchproblems.

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A major bonus of music therapy is that it does not necessarily have to be in an office-portable music players have made the mobility of music limitless. Testscores upon test scores have shown with definitive truth that music is scholastically beneficialand should play a larger role in education today. The lack of funding that this field faces is aserious problem, but the possibilities within music are endless.

Music is engrained in the being ofevery human and will continue to provide academic support, personal growth, and workreadiness. Ferrell 7 Works CitedCampbell, Don. The Mozart Effect. College paper writing are easy if you read online guides.

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Research paper writing guide for college students. Music is an extremely broad subject to attempt to write a research paper about. Of course the subject must be narrowed down to something smaller. There are so many topics that you can choose from in the field of music.

You can choose the subject area of types of music, history of music, musical instruments, musical writers, or musicians are just a few of the areas you can choose from. Encourage them to take an opinionated yet scholarly approach to the subject matter, and guide them in putting their research skills to use. Consider requiring citations, even though doing so is not common practice in the field.

This assignment, in combination with a grant-writing project similar to that described above, forms the foundation of a semester-long sequence in which my students plan a concert, complete an application for funding, and create a physical program, complete with a cover, list of works, and statement of artistic intent.

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I require that most of the works come from the time period under study, and I set a high bar for program cohesiveness and creativity. I adapt questions from a real grant application used by the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, and require that my students include a well-researched budget.

While my students work individually, this project could also be completed by teams. One of my objectives is to encourage the future performers and educators in my class to program interesting concerts and consider how they might go about engaging audiences. The best projects are creative and meaningful, such as a recent program intended to demonstrate the value of music education and boost support for public school music programs. By the conclusion of the semester, students have put into practice a wide variety of professional skills.

The bulk of the assignment is the playlist itself.

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Students annotate each track with a musical description that develops an interpretation of the piece. The assignment is also scaffolded throughout the semester; students write multiple drafts of project components and engage in peer reviews, and they also design a final presentation in which they present on one selection from the playlist in its entirety. Students not only practice vocabulary of musical description but also deploy it as a means of expressing musical meanings, a notoriously challenging skill for music majors and non-majors alike.

As the semester progresses, they are excited to discover that they have always been capable of putting their musical experiences into words. The assignment helps them practice vocabulary, but more significantly, students give themselves permission to put forth their own interpretations and ideas about musical sounds. For music majors who will write a research paper in more advanced undergraduate courses, this assignment introduces them to basic music research, writing, and bibliography skills, and, just as importantly, it empowers them to listen outside the canon as they develop recitals, projects, and other research writing throughout their musical careers.

A less intensive version with the same teach-it-forward idea is to have students create digital, media-rich timelines or narrative maps using free online tools. Again, they have to do traditional research, but the format of the final product tends to be more engaging although instructors should caution against gratuitous use of design possibilities for those making and consuming them. The best student work could truly be used in future iterations of the class see, for example, this timeline of performances of H. Louis Epstein Encyclopedia Have your students create a collaborative resource for the entire class to use.

Each student can select a narrow topic on which to write an encyclopedia entry. Keep the entries short and focused. They can then cite the encyclopedia as a source in other writing projects or use it to study for quizzes and exams. Retain the best entries from year to year and have each new class add to the resource. I use this assignment in Music History I pre Students in this class tend to struggle with unfamiliar concepts and terms, and they find the textbook overwhelming. The Oxford History of Western Music, College Edition coverage of early music is perhaps too thorough for the average undergraduate.

By having each student tackle one subject, the material becomes more accessible and they are able to help one another. The fact that their work will be published for their peers and possibly passed on to the next class inspires them to give their best effort.