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Educational technology is part of the greater process of instructional design. . In my thesis, decades ago, and in a number of articles I used "educational reform.

You can share information from these videos with your teen. Your teen will learn skills in algebra class that will help them with money. One important skill they will learn is how to calculate interest and compound interest. Your teen can use this skill to manage their money now and when they grow up.

This skill also will help them pick the best bank account. It will also help them decide which credit card is best to have. People who take out loans need to understand interest. It will also help them figure out the best ways to save and invest money. Geometry and trigonometry can help your teens who want to improve their skill in sports. It can help them find the best way to hit a ball, make a basket or run around the track. Basic knowledge of math also helps keep track of sports scores. Calculating areas is an important skill. It will be useful for your teen in remodeling future homes and apartments.

It will help your teen find how much paint they need to buy when repainting a room. It is also an important skill for anyone who wants to install new tiles in a bathroom or a kitchen. Knowing how to calculate perimeters can help your child when deciding how much lumber to buy for floor or ceiling trim. People use math knowledge when cooking. For example, it is very common to use a half or double of a recipe. In this case, people use proportions and ratios to make correct calculations for each ingredient. Your teen will use math when buying different items.

When buying a new computer, your child will need to figure out which store offers the best price or best financing.

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Math is useful in finding the best deal for food items. For example, your teen will need to decide which pack of soda to buy when given a choice of 20 oz. Moreover, some of us are doing well without the knowledge of our educational background.

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So why does it matter? Some of us have tried it so many times and gave up on it. It is not surprising, math is hard.

Why Mathematics Is Important In Our Day To Day Lives

Some of us have math learning disabilities. The ability of low understanding in math. According Emmanuel Manalo, Julie K. Bunnell, and Jennifer A. Two Experiments were conducted to test Process mnemonics, no instruction, and demonstration imitation. They used different variables. Process mnemonics is using techniques such as rhymes to remember things.

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  6. Demonstration imitation is the modeling of what you see. Some of us with learning disabilities can improve. This study was conducted on 58 fourth graders. Some with learning disabilities, and some with no disabilities.

    It proves that practice drills and strategies that teachers use to teach us can improve our math understanding. For example, the speech teacher asked Brandon and his classmates if they knew their learning styles. Since Brandon knew his learning style because his DVR teacher taught him. He was among the students who knew what she was talking about. It shows how important learning styles are.

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    Thirdly, the classroom environment is an important aspect of understanding. The classroom environment includes climate, teachers, and classmates. Climate is an important fact in understanding math. Because if students are not comfortable in their environment, then they will have a hard time perceiving and processing mathematical information.

    For instance, if it is hot outside and a student goes to class. If the temperature in the classroom is the same as the temperature outside, then the student will have a hard time learning. At times, we understand better from classmates than from our teachers. According to Karen J. Our teachers are part of our misunderstanding. If so, why are our teachers aloud to teach us? Because teachers are meant to teach us depending on our understanding, they are supposed to boost our self-esteem and self-concept in math. Furthermore, teachers are also responsible for everything in the classroom.

    Is it right to blame our teachers for our failures and misunderstanding? First, we must suggest our opinions with our teachers on class environmental changes. For instance, our schools provide us with free tutoring for every subject available. It s up to us to carry ourselves there to learn. Improvement in mathematical skills are possible through our technological aid, educational background, and classroom environments.

    Mathematic is important in many ways.

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    First, it is the foundation of the world. Because currently robots are already taking our jobs, no one will want to employ a person if a computer is faster and better than them.

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    Many majors we take today requires math, and we need math in our daily lives. Computers are structured using math, but their math skills are limited. Math is a hard subject, but we can understand it by managing our tech-aides, learning background, and environments. We need to take advantage of resources around us. Especially us in community colleges because the world does not care about who does the job. They only want people who can get the job done and fast.

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    We must keep practicing until we understand. Therefore, we must not give up in math under any circumstances because we have dreams to conquer. Article last reviewed: St. Skip to content.