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Educational technology is part of the greater process of instructional design. . In my thesis, decades ago, and in a number of articles I used "educational reform.

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Pieta C. Kathleen H. Sean M. The AP English Language and Composition exam consists of 60 minutes of multiple choice questions, an essay-planning period and minutes to write your essays. Read exam preparation materials to see what the exam graders will be looking for in your essays and in the multiple-choice questions. Find out what kinds of questions and answers you may see on the exam by looking at past exams. Work through several practice exams.

Sample reading passages and multiple-choice questions can be found in the English Language and Composition course description. Others can be found in books designed to prepare students for the AP English Language and Composition exam. Check them out from your school or public library, and check your answers against the keys in the book. Write at least a few additional practice essays using questions found in the preparation books.

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Keep in mind the requirements to achieve a high score on your essay: Varied sentence and essay style, clear transitions and logical flow of your arguments are keys to writing a good AP exam essay. Students will compete in the school-wide.

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Working in groups, students will choose one of the following poems to analyze for its argument and stance, and using the NEA Poetry Outloud recitation guidelines, make recommendations on how to recite the poem based on its intended audience and message. Our main writing focus will be responding to timed writing prompts.

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Students will reexamine logos, pathos and ethos as they apply to the drama. The Rhetoric of the Visual: In this brief unit, we will explore the rhetorical nature of images: advertising, political cartoon, photographs and other forms of visual art. The focus of writing will be description. Students will bring in a collection of print ads.

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Implicit and Explicit Messages. Identify Propaganda and Persuasive Techniques. Evaluate Effectiveness of Print Ads. Students will be presented with a variety of texts and asked to use guide to analyze the rhetorical techniques and impact of the images. In class writings of rhetorical analysis. Essay 4 Students will choose one in-class product to revise to a polished paper detailing and analyzing the rhetorical strategies and impact of a visual text. Complete practice AP Exam — 50 minutes for multiple choice and 3 essay questions.

Fourth Quarter: Synthesis Essay and Citation: In this unit, we will review the skills needed to successfully tackle a synthesis question: summary, paraphrase, argument, visual rhetoric and citation. In addition, students will use their collection of Burning Issues sources to write an extended research paper. The focus of our writing will be persuasion and argument, as well as the conventions of research.

Using samples of footnotes from the multiple choice questions students will take quizzes identifying the parts of a footnote. Writers Inc. Sonoma County Library Citation. Multiple Choice Questions. Corporate Sponsorship Prompt. Students will use their knowledge of the construction of synthesis questions to create a synthesis document out of their Burning Issue topic.

Students will choose the three top synthesis questions and write on one question. Essay 5 Students will produce a 5 page written argument using the topic and sources they have collected on their Burning Issue topic. This multi-source argument paper will consider a topic from a variety of viewpoints and make a cogent and well argued to support a position. Students will incorporate both footnotes and a works cited page using MLA format.

During the weeks preceding the exam, we will review major concepts that were covered during the class. We will review strategies for outlining arguments, evaluating sources, and analyzing texts. Students will take numerous multiple choice tests, engaging in discussion about right and wrong answers. No final exam in the second semester.

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  • This shall apply when applicable, to interns, volunteers, and job applicants. What part of the page would you like to print? Skip To Main Content. Open Menu. Save Close. Calendar back. Close Subscribe. Advanced Placement Language and Composition Course Syllabus Course Description: This college-level course will enable students to write effectively and confidently across the curriculum, as well as in their professional and personal lives.

    See the school policy below: Cheating, or acts of academic dishonesty, will not be tolerated within RUP. Other Assignments: Grammar exercises, writing style exercises, graphic organizers, questions and analysis from reading assignments, Cornell notes, group-generated essays and projects. Second Quarter: Persuasion and Argument Unit In this unit, we will study the basics of argument: ethical, emotional and logical appeals, as well as syllogisms and logical fallacies.